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Abacus Pre-school Nursery in Bolton opened in 2003. We are a 20 place playschool with a stimulating indoor and outdoor environment. We have highly qualified staff with over 40 years of experience between us and many of us with children of own. We take children from age 12 months. Children who are 3 and 4 years old can claim the government grant of FREE 15 hours a week over 38 weeks of the year.

Abacus is open 51 weeks of the year; 8.15am till 5.45pm with sessions running between these times also. We are OFSTED Registered and we provide a homely stimulating environment working alongside the EYFS with the support and guidance from our in house Early Years Professional (Early Years Teacher) to ensure the children’s individual needs and interests are always met.

The staff are always striving for the best and are continuously attending training courses to keep us knowledgeably informed of any changes within Early Years and are also continuing with their own professional development completing NVQ’s, foundation degree and the Early Years Professional Status.

“Ella loves attending abacus nursery. During a period of great change in Ella life nursery has provided supportive and loving care to Ella. She has had a brilliant time and she will miss you all. The care you provide is fun and loving. Ella has made friends and settled in amazingly well and this is down to all the aunties who greet Ella like she is a member of their family, so thank you very much for taking such good care of our little girl.”

“We were so pleased when we found out the abacus would take children from 1 years plus. We were undecided about which nursery to choose for Nat but we knew we wanted a smaller, friendly environment as we felt a lot of our nurseries were too large and lacked the personal care and support we wanted for our child. Nat started in September 2015 and we have been absolutely thrilled with abacus. Nat was the first “baby” to start and I felt everyone at abacus really went out of their way to ensure everything was spot on for the change. Nat settled in quickly and even now it is rare we have any upset when dropping off in the morning, this is definitely down to the wonderful job all the aunties do. Everyone is so friendly and caring yet at the same time professional. I have not once worried about how Nat is being cared for whilst at abacus as I am certain he is very well looked after at all times. As a mum that is the main concern to know Nat is consistently happy and having fun whilst receiving a high standard of care. I would recommend abacus to anyone! Thank you so much.”

“From the first day we came to visit we knew this was a special place, gabby settled in immediately and the only tears came when it was time to go home. All the members of staff are friendly, caring and very professional. They are always smartly dressed and willing to discuss and listen to any concerns (not that we have needed to but know they are very approachable). They keep us informed of any incidents that have happened e.g minor bumps and falls and we are asked to sign accident sheets. They are always interested in anything gabby is taking part in outside nursery. Gabby has ALWAYS been happy to come to abacus and her face lights up when she see the toys in the new outdoor play area (she loves it). She has made many friends and often talks about them. Abacus is our extended family and we are looking forward to gabby spending another 12 months there before she starts the next journey of her life (primary school). Thank you all very much we do not know where we would be without you.”

“Gabriel started at abacus when he was 2yrs 3 months and he has developed so much since then, he has become such a confident, considerate, happy little boy and is definitely ready to start school now in September, we couldn’t recommend abacus enough and were very happy when they decided to take on 1 year olds last September as it meant Gabriel’s brother could join him.”

“Finlay has had the best time at abacus preschool. His confidence and personality have grown massively. All staff at abacus are lovely and very caring towards the children which is what they need when they are always from home. All 3 of my boys have attended abacus and I have never had any issues, they have all been so happy. ”

“Since moving the boys to abacus nursery both myself and Yasmin have seen a dramatic increase in the boys development. Most of this has to be down to the fabulous staff and environment at abacus. Having less children in the nursery as a whole has meant the boys have received more one to one care. I also think that having lower numbers has helped the boys make friends and build stronger relationships. Ben and Charlie enjoy nursery. They enjoy painting and writing their names in the morning. I also believe that the trips to the local school have helped with the boys transition to school. All in all Abacus is a fantastic nursery. We cannot possibly thank all the auntys enough for all they have done for the twins. ”

“As soon as I stepped into Abacus I knew it would be the nursery for my children. Zainab is the eldest of my two children to attend Abacus and she absolutely loves her time spent there. The aunties are all so warm and caring it gives the nursery a ‘home away from home’ feeling. Zainab is always talking about the auntys and the things she has learnt at nursery. I am particularly pleased with the fact that she gets to do activities of her choice e.g role playing princesses. Her writing skills have improved significantly and she has an interest in wanting to learn. Zainab has really turned into a happy, confident, loving little girl and Abacus has definitely contributed to this.”

“Jessica is the last of my four children to attend Abacus. They have all loved it and enjoyed their time here. The auntys have been fantastic and I have found them to be particularly caring and loving. I am sorry to see Jessica leave in September, she and I will miss the auntys.”

“What a fantastic nursery abacus is, Ella has loved her time here and will be sad to leave for big school. The staff at Abacus are friendly, caring and supportive and it shows. Ella has settled in quick and has made lots of friends. Ellas speech and writing have improved so much since attending abacus. The auntys do an amazing job and we will be sad not to see them everyday. Ella’s brother Joseph will definitely be attending Abacus in the future. ”

“Antonio joined abacus just under a year ago. He used to fret when we first dropped him off, I remember aunty Karen saying to me “give him a couple of weeks and he will be skipping up the drive.” She was absolutely right! Antonio has developed great social skills since he joined. He is very fond of the auntys and has made lots of friends at nursery. We have been very happy with his progress and are very fond of the staff. ”

“I really cannot say enough about Abacus the staff are amazing and so helpful. Paige took a while to settle in and the auntys where really caring and helped her all the way. Paige has really changed and has settled in so much. She has blossomed and has come along so much the past few months I cant thank you enough for your support and help.”

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